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Furthermore, for homeostasis to prevail, the collection of parameter values must yield dynamic equilibrium (as given by equations (6) and (7)).
In theory, a dynamic equilibrium would accommodate the roles and responsibilities of Asia's new powers (China and lately India), recognize the geopolitical interests of the U.
The lack of harmony infers the absence of the dynamic equilibrium, which results in the failure of human actions (Chen, 1993).
Rather, viability refers to the ability either to sustain a dynamic equilibrium, which manages but does not transcend the existing contest over the rules of the game, or else it entails voluntary centralization, whereby disagreement over the rules of the game recedes as member states acquiesce to pool more powers of decision and execution at the center.
At frequencies of the 90 and 100% of critf a dynamic equilibrium was verified in lactate concentration between the eighth and twentieth minutes.
The pattern of terrorism risk seen over the last seven years is likely to continue for the next seven, reflecting a dynamic equilibrium between terrorist plotting and active counter-terrorism response.
During the design process, progress and sustainability are always in a dynamic equilibrium.
She plans to use the SGI Altix computational power to simulate and compute the dynamic equilibrium states of networks and supernetworks applied to transportation and Internet traffic problems, and to vaccination strategies under a voluntary vaccination policy.
In fact, it is constructed around subtle properties of form and color arranged in dynamic equilibrium, and it reflects Mondrian's complex theory.
This discussion includes an explorative Systems Dynamics definition of "species" as "a functional (reproductive) set of genetics at dynamic equilibrium within the adaptive context of its local ecosystem.
This engine has evolved to a delicate state of dynamic equilibrium.

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