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Dynamic simulation of universal spacer in Dynesys dynamic stabilization system for human vertebra.
The polymers are typically of higher molecular weights and are slow to orient at interfaces, offering little to no wetting or dynamic stabilization.
However, in the spinal non-fusion segment dynamic stabilization devices sub-segment has the highest CAGR of 12.
Total quantity or scope: Group 1 Dynamic stabilization between the spinous processes in the lumbar (stabilizers miedzykolczyste)
DSM's polyurethane materials have a proven clinical history and have been used in several dynamic stabilization devices and implants," said William Fuller, director of business development at DSM Biomedical.
Manager, Product Development at Medtronic Spinal and Biologics where he executed engineering projects and group management responsibilities for intradiscal and extradiscal dynamic stabilization systems and semi-rigid tumor/trauma technologies as well as becoming a certified Lean Sigma Green Belt for supporting the continuing improvement efforts at Medtronic.
Non-fusion segment consists of motion preservation technologies such as dynamic stabilization, artificial discs, annual repair, and nucleus replacement.
The company possesses 5 proprietary technologies including three new-generation, motion preservation technologies; the WELLDISC[TM] total disc replacement; the PERFX-2[TM] Dynamic Stabilization System, and the WELLEX[TM] Interspinous Technology.
Currently, motion preservation and dynamic stabilization also are rapidly developing treatments in spinal surgery.
Technological advancements such as minimally invasive surgery, bone substitutes, dynamic stabilization and thoracic screws further reiterate the importance of pedicle screw placement.
It is a type of dynamic stabilization system, a type of device that aims to offer an alternative to traditional spinal fusion or disc replacement surgeries known to limit patient's ability to bend and move.

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