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The polymers are typically of higher molecular weights and are slow to orient at interfaces, offering little to no wetting or dynamic stabilization.
5 System, we are excited to offer clinicians the ability to seamlessly integrate Zimmer's innovative Sequoia and Instinct Java Pedicle Screw Fusion Systems with the Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization System through a simple, low-profile construct.
Dynamic stabilization devices treat degenerative disc disease by providing additional support to the spine without fusion of the vertebrae.
Recently, there also has been increased interest in PEEK rods as dynamic stabilization devices, in which motion of the spine is stabilized without fusion.
The PERFX-2[TM] is a pedicle screw based dynamic stabilization system, CE Marked and currently distributed internationally.
Key segments covered include Artificial Disc Replacement, Dynamic Stabilization and Interspinous Process Decompression (IPD) devices.
The screw systems, called dynamic stabilization systems, are used in spinal surgery to provide stabilizing support to the spinal column during bone fusion, according to the FDA.
Figure 8-23: Units Sold by Type, Dynamic Stabilization Market, South Korea,
Dynamic Stabilization interbody front of the cervical spine
Figure 10-1: Dynamic Stabilization Procedures by Type, Latin America,
TASK 9 - miedzywyrostkowa dynamic stabilization of the lumbar,
The UniWallis(TM) System Advances Posterior Dynamic Stabilization

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