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DYNASTY. A succession of kings in the same line or family; government; sovereignty.

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Guwahati (Assam) [India], December 5 ( ANI ): Soon after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi filed nomination papers for the party's top post on Monday, Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said history would judge him as a failed dynast.
Rahul Gandhi said dynasts run India, but our own Prime Minister, our President and our Vice-President are not dynasts," she added.
That is how the dynasts spend public funds to pave concrete roads into their mansions, beach resorts, and mountain rest houses.
Summary: The coming of age of Rahul Gandhi, the dynast who astutely used principles of management to recast the massive organisation of the Congress party, the near-annihilation of the Left Front for being yesterday's party, a disdain for the politics of the caste parties and a rejection of the divisive ideas of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party -- all these reasons added up to make the Congress whole more than a sum of its parts.
But," he predicted, "The most popular will probably be Dirty Sexy Money--it is a fresh and sexy drama, reminiscent of Dallas and Dynast, that uses razor-sharp satire to illustrate how scads of money can create a great family .
A proud dynast and descendant of th e Prophet Muhammad, he managed to appear politically modem to Western diplomats and journalists, and this image was in no way tarnished by the fact that Jordan, by almost any socioeconomic measure, is less developed than the realms of the "kings and princes" (al-umara' wa al-muluk) of the Gulf.
3),(7) this dynast of the part of Attica 'over the hills' entered the struggle to dominate the city of Athens and so made what had previously been a straight contest between the two dynasts of the Plain and the Shore a three-cornered affair.
The Gandhi scion has retaliated by saying how can him being a dynast be wrong, when the entire nation's political leadership, irrespective of party affiliation, practices and swears by it.
Party rebels, who spent a large part of their lives in Congress, believe the 46- year- old Gandhi dynast has his political space filled with sycophants.
It is easy enough to mark out the differences between a self-made man and a dynast, a demagogue and a fumbling public speaker, a man who leads from the front and one who is not willing to assume any direct responsibility, but the similarities go even deeper.
If Sonia Gandhi is the ultimate dynast, unashamedly promoting her own son as the inheritor of India's grand old party, then Mayawati must be the perfect plebeian.
Lorenzo was a remarkable figure as a dynast, a political manager, an Italian and international statesman, a patron of the arts, a poet and an impresario.