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Part 2, "Shakespeare and the Language of Emotion," includes: Nigel Wood, "Spleen in Shakespeare's Comedies" (109-29); Richard Meek, '"Rue e'en for ruth': Richard II and the Imitation of Sympathy" (130-52); Richard Chamberlain, "What's Happiness in Hamlet?
When ye before Of stew and brothels only knew the doors, Then did I wash you with my tears, and more, Brought you to Church well drest and clad: My God must have my best, e'en all I had.
The Port Talbot actor, who relocated to Celigny, Switzerland, in 1957, along with his then-wife Elizabeth Taylor, were hoping to take their four dogs with them - two Pekingese and two Yorkshire terriers named Cuthbert, Georgia, Oh Fi, and E'en So.
She laughs--from death He can recover; E'en now whatever He saith shall be: She will win Him, He shall kiss and love her.
no not the taking off of the Ground, one of those Knives is worth all this Heap, I have no Manner of use for thee, e'en remain where thou art, and go to the Bottom as a Creature whose Life is not worth saving.
Tis like a natural sympathy which e'en among the senseless creatures of the earth commands a mutual inclination and consent.
N = aeon/eon ain aine ainee aini ainoi an ana an'a ane ani anoa anoia anu/anyu any aune ayin 'ayn ean een e'en [dagger] eena/[dagger]eenee/[section]eenie/[dagger][section]eeny/[dagger]eny eina eine en ene eoan [section]eunoea/[section]eunoia eyen/eyne in inia ion 'n/'n' na/nae naio nao naoi nay ne ne/nee/nee nie no noa noo noy nu ny nye on one onie ono ony oon un unai/unau uni.
The Electors shall De electors zullen Die Erwahler sollen meet in their byeenkomen in haare in ihrem respectiven respective States, bysondere Staaten, Staate zusammen and vote by Ballot en stemmen by kommen und durch for two Persons, of ballot, twee Looszettel fur zwey whom one at least persoonen, van Personen stimmen, shall not be an dewelken te minste von welchen einer Inhabitant of the e'en geen inwoonder zum wenigsten kein same State with zal zyn van deselfde Einwohner ihres themselves.
To this end he arranges 'to take pattern / Of all those suits, the colour, trimming, fashion, / E'en to an undistinguish'd hair almost' (15-17).
Thyself indeed, oh happy man, / Didst ever know that I am e'en thy self?
E'en the sombre bird of night Shuns it in her darksome flight, Startled by the piteous groan That arises from the stone.
If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars; It may be, in yon smoke conceal'd, Your comrades chase e'en now the fliers, And, but for you, possess the field.