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Hopkins' e-mail signature includes book information and a "buy now" button linked to a product purchase page at her publisher's Website.
By offering users the ability to click on the pull-down button next to the telephone number in an e-mail signature, for example, this technology eliminates manual dialing and misdialing and enhances productivity.
I'm marketing my site in radio and newspaper ads, and I've added it to my business card and my outgoing e-mail signature.
0 will include an automatic recipient opt-out feature, as well as an automatic e-mail signature with the sender's physical address," added Stracka.
It is compatible with a variety of software applications, including: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla (for strong authentication), Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Lotus Notes v6 (for e-mail signature and encryption).
The next evolution of the standard e-mail signature, eWorldCard allows any user of Outlook, Outlook Express or most other standard e-mail programs to create and send full-color and fully interactive electronic business card automatically as part of their regular e-mail messages.