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Set-top box maker Amstrad is to cut the price of its e-mailer plus product in a bid to boost sales.
Many e-mailers pay no attention to the appearance of e-mails.
I HAVE been targeted again by a scam e-mailer promising me unexpected wealth if I agree to help with a small financial problem overseas.
My thanks to Sam McAllister and e-mailer bmac for pointing this out.
And an anonymous e-mailer wants to know which singer has sung the most live shows ever?
The source of the leak is unknown, with Maxwell saying he did not know whether the e-mailer was using an alias or not.
Each week, the name of one lucky caller or e-mailer will be drawn and that person will receive their choice of a new lawn mower, pressure washer or string trimmer powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine.
The anonymous e-mailer told him to drop the camera off at Nikon House in Surrey - where all repairs would be paid for.
The biggest tribute I can pay to Caley as an angry e-mailer insisted I call the Highlanders is their Premierleague opponents had to hit top form to squeeze them out.
Set-top box maker Amstrad yesterday said losses on its Amserve e-mailer business had wiped out more than a third of its profits.
Real-world junk mail is harder to deal with-just imagine how quickly a mailbox would fill up if dozens of catalogs were received in the same day That's what happened late last year to one infamous bulk e-mailer whose address was posted on the Slashdot.
Fans like an e-mailer named Sharon, who said her loyalty as a ``true blue Dodgers fan'' had begun to match or surpass her husband's and sons'.