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In her eagerness she rose and supported herself on the arm of the chair.
exclaimed Duncan, with an eagerness that might have proved dangerous at a moment when the thoughts of Munro were less occupied that at present.
The veteran seized the offered paper, without waiting for Duncan to translate the speech, and with an eagerness that betrayed how important he deemed its contents.
Ring the bell, ring the bell,' said the sick man, with the same nervous eagerness, and motioning towards it with such a quivering hand that the bank note rustled in the air.
Oh, not for a long time, not for three or four weeks; it is not necessary, indeed; I can do without,' said the young lady, with great eagerness.
On the stairs were a troop of little boys and girls, whose eagerness for their cousin's appearance would not allow them to wait in the drawing-room, and whose shyness, as they had not seen her for a twelvemonth, prevented their coming lower.
In these they engage with an eagerness that amounts to infatuation.
Reyes said he can see the eagerness to win from his team, but the moment the nerves kick in his players crumble in one way or another.
Two foreign mobile telecom operators, which are yet to launch operations in Bangladesh, have expressed their eagerness to get licence to offer 4G services and bid for spectrum, reports bdnews24.
Muna Al Hashemi stressed on Batelcos eagerness to support causes in the Kingdom of Bahrain that aim to raise awareness on significant matters affecting the community.
This eagerness to sell to Iran without any eagerness to invest in Iran has been true of most national delegations that have visited Iran in recent months, prompting President Rohani to speak out angrily that Iran wouldn't agree just to be a buyer of foreign products but insists upon foreign investment.
It underlined the eagerness of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to support constantly Egypt and its people as well as promote relations with it in recognition of its historical stances toward the GCC's safety and security.