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Table 9 shows secondary performance measures including means and standard deviations for system flow time, tardiness, lateness, absolute lateness, and earliness.
A manager concerned with his reputation will place undue weight on the earliness of the failure, and insufficient weight on the high upside which will only be revealed in the distant future.
To go from there to primitiveness, or earliness in a geological sense--it just isn't warranted by the data.
This combined with the earliness of the holiday and the emergence of end of summer discounts on travel, caused large numbers of travelers to make a last minute decision to take a holiday trip.
Milton is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the signature figure for Bloom's trope because his "aim is to make his own belatedness into an earliness, and his tradition's priority over him into a lateness.
He believes that the earliness of the salvage operation saw the hosts lose composure, which in turn affected the on-pitch decision making.
Excalibur also offers good earliness of flowering and maturity scores to help growers spread the harvest season.
Their earliness to maturity could have been another possible reason for the susceptibility of improved variety to bird damage.
Researches in single machine scheduling with earliness and tardiness penalties became one of the major areas of interest in scheduling theory (Ying, 2008), (Linet al.
They present dispatching rules for minimizing the sum of weighted tardiness and earliness, and the sum of weighted tardiness, earliness, and flow time.