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Alfalfa-grass mixtures should be cut according to the maturity of the alfalfa; that is, when the alfalfa is in the late bud to early bloom stage.
Wind, rain, or frost can blast early bloom, but mild weather soon brings new flowers.
Ecologists worry that the early blooms could unravel the region's ecosystem and "lead to crashes of the food web," said William Sydeman, who studies ocean ecology as president of the nonprofit Farallon Institute in Petaluma, Calif.
Scent Early colour Bright borders Cut flowers Maze Early blooms Carpet A beautiful array of Magnolia Black Tulip and Jurmagi among drifts of Narcissus Precocious
Inouye thinks that smaller snow packs in the mountains are melting earlier due to global warming, in turn triggering early blooms.
But a sudden late frost can destroy the early blooms from the likes of rhododendrons, which means the flowers for the year are lost.
PAUL HINCKS sent in this great spring shot of Nuneaton, showing the early blooms in the town's Riversley Park.
Daffodils and primroses have blossomed unusually early thanks to mild January temperatures, but there could be a sinister reason for the early blooms - global warming.
The early blooms allow the peripatetic summer traveler a smashing garden display of color (the ultimate reward for his planting labors) before he turns his eyes to other sights and hot weather adventures.
Although the floral displays are at their best during the spring and summer there was no shortage of early blooms braving the winter temperatures of around - wait for it - 22degC.
WHERE TO SPOT THOSE EARLY BLOOMS Some of the wildflower spots around Cardiff on New Year's Day Yarrow seen on Station Road, Llandaff North.