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These cells may mess up early memories and could explain why adults can't remember their experiences as babies.
Entries are organized alphabetically and include photos, quotes, addresses, and information on the individual's birth, youth, early memories, education, first jobs, marriage and family, career, memorable experiences, hobbies, and honors and awards.
My early memories of Alastair are that he was mature for his age and very balanced and considered.
But my joint study, published in 2011 in Child Development, traced early memories in the same children across a span of two years.
30pm Think back to early memories of seaside holidays, and you''ll probably bring to mind images of your mother battling to open out the deck chair, while the rest of the family watches on mockingly, before she inevitable traps her fingers.
Substantial literature links early memories to subsequent thoughts and attitudes.
The researchers explain this as early memories of young children being fragile and vulnerable to forgetting.
Noel Stapleton, who looked after Sadler's Wells for 20 years, has strong early memories of the horse.
With the help of Family Futures, a unique adoption support agency that specialises in treating youngsters, they are hopeful some of the little girl's most traumatic early memories can be confronted, so she mightaccept her new parents.
Although I took to playing on turf wickets only in 2005 after shifting base to Netherlands, I treasure the early memories of bowling fast with a tennis ball.
Among my early memories as a boy was watching my parents and grandparents consult The Old Farmer's Almanac before commencing any serious work.
Clegg's early memories are written in the third person, providing distance that lends itself to an ironic detachment.

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