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Opponents of earmarking are hampered by the fact that there is no common understanding of just what an "earmark" is.
His supporters defend earmarking as a way for the legislative branch to assert itself over a dysfunctional DHS bureaucracy.
But Wilson said that without earmarking the money for specific purposes, state officials would have no guarantee that local districts wouldn't simply spend the money on salary increases for employees.
In every one of these cases, the fungibility of money - its ability to be redirected in any direction - results in earmarked funds being diverted to whatever uses their recipients desire, undermining most if not all of the purpose in earmarking the funds in the first place.
Some Republicans are buying into the argument that the Constitution sanctions earmarking and that "faceless agency bureaucrats" have too much power over how federal tax dollars are allocated.
Flake, a longtime foe of earmarking, is inviting the public to weigh in and choose their favorite bad pun related to one of the top ten nominees.
who said in 2006 that earmarking has been going on "since we were a country.
This election was based in large part on the American peoples' frustration with the big-spending ways of Washington and the corrupt practice of earmarking.
Pork-barrel earmarking is a practice rife with corrupting influences on the institution of Congress and its members.
5258, to impose more stringent transparency requirements on congressional earmarking.
Earmarking funds for business incubators is not new, but apparently, some members of Congress did not get the memo that real businesses are always more productive than the government, even if 'Michael Scott' is running the local office.
Voters are fed up with both the corruption and reckless spending going on in Washington, and politically motivated earmarking is symptomatic of both problems.