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The department stated it could not verify the conclusion that most earmarks fit its mission, saying "the diversity of the earmark projects .
2349), a lobbying reform bill that would place restrictions on earmarks.
Although his current proposal is just a first step to strip earmarks of their anonymity, requiring representatives to be identified with the funding they request, Flake would like to do away with the practice completely.
The 1,185-page, $820 billion 2004 funding package included thousands of earmarks for police departments, sheriff's offices, court systems, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, social services agencies, local schools and correctional institutions.
One reason such earmarks flourish is that they help create support for passing larger, sometimes controversial appropriations bills: It's hard for any lawmaker to vote against a bill that has earmarks that would help his of her district.
Early last week, Brown's committee released an interim report on academic earmarks and urged Congress to take steps to prevent the continued expansion of this practice.
Treat: Despite their unacceptable inclusion in the appropriations process, the funding levels and amount of earmarks in FY 2012 spending bills took a steep dive this year.
I guess their political speeches meant no more earmarks next year.
Texas received more than $400 million in earmarks in 2010, but according to Dave Levinthal, a former Dallas Morning News reporter who is editor of the watchdog blog OpenSecrets, "compared to some of the states in the United States, such as Hawaii, North Dakota, West Virginia, Vermont, Texas is way, way down the list in terms of the amount of money per capita that is it actually receiving and having funneled to it the earmarking process.
Scott Frisch and Sean Kelly's new book Cheese Factories on the Moon: Why Earmarks are Good for American Democracy, was released this week by Paradigm Publishers (Boulder, CO).
The number, the amount or nature of earmarks are irrelevant.
Earmarks, in which public funds are allotted to specific projects at the direction of senators or representatives, are exceedingly difficult to derail and they are infrequently challenged.