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He wished for a world free from war, conflict and violence but full of earnestness and friendship.
Reynolds' voice--simultaneously wispy and childlike, but not childish--is coupled with a lyrical earnestness bordering on poetic.
ISLAMABAD, Minister of state and chairman Planning Commission Task Force for Climatic Change Dr Ashfaq Ahmad has urged solid policy will have to be evolved on climatic changes with earnestness and has warned that any delay in taking steps to prevent negative impacts on glacier due to climatic changes will lead to major disaster.
This is a part of the mission of our church that we should undertake with all earnestness, enthusiasm, energy and long term commitment.
Reading with great sensitivity and earnestness, Price brings Kurzweil's world to the listener.
Then things conclude with the music that strikes me as having the best balance between earnestness and lightheartedness, Spohr's Clarinet Concerto No.
My favourite features a respectable-looking accountant type, let's call him Gary, miming along to Snow Patrol's Run with an earnestness bordering on the mentally ill.
He has a superb new band and it's clear that his latest album, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter, marks a departure from the earnestness of previous albums like Hello Starling and The Animal Years.
I have no doubt of his earnestness, but come on: Peter's a character and a people-pleaser, which means he'll say anything he thinks Jesus wants to hear, right?
Gillespie-Sells and his band mates, on the other hand, craft electric-piano romps like "Love It When You Call" and swoon-worthy ballads ("Sewn," "Kettle's On") with a refreshing earnestness that makes it hard not to smile and sing along.
Still, for the curious and adventurous, this 117-song sampler is a great way to delve into a catalog that veered between earnestness and extravagance, but always with a personal passion that's rarely found today.
It bested, easily, the high-flying theatrics of Tarzan and Lestat, the burnished earnestness of The Wedding Singer and The Color Purple, the pre-certified musical medleys of Lennon, Jersey Boys, and Ring of Fire, and the dance-powered energy of Hot Feet.