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shareholder of a CFC's earnings is not a "timing difference" similar to the difference resulting from the percentage completion/completed contract methods of accounting.
Reinvesting newly freed up assets into interest earning opportunities increases the bottom line in a manner that is effortless and invisible to customers.
com(TM), the place to find and share the best user-created content online, today announced the launch of the Gather Earnings Program, enabling bloggers to earn cash or Gather Points(TM) that are redeemable for gift cards from valued partners.
They began as assistants, and as they brushed up their English and studied child development at Mission College, all earned positions as teachers, working full time and earning more than $10 an hour with benefits.
In addition to hotel stays, gift certificates and airline miles, the resulting program, Returns, features free stays at the more luxurious Wyndham hotel chain, which does not participate in the program's earning side.
With angels embroidered on their swimsuits in Yevette's memory, the athletes swam their way to victory, earning a total of 12 gold, 14 silver and 10 bronze medals.
SLS allows fans to get closer to their favorite teams by earning points inside and outside the ballpark that can be redeemed for game tickets and club merchandise, as well as access to once- in-a-lifetime fan experiences.
Vouchers will be valid for six months from the date of issue, and each member is limited to earning three vouchers.
All but one of the Saugus Union School District's 13 campuses scored above average in similar-school rankings, with Helmers Elementary earning a five.
Beginning on February 1, United began selling prepaid travel cards, earning buyers immediate Mileage Plus elite status and allowing them to pre-purchase tickets on United, United Express and Ted at a 5 percent discount.
SIMI VALLEY - School kids of a single parent earning less than $10,855 and two parents earning less than $14,625 a year will be eligible for free school meals this year, district officials said Monday.
Upon earning a 55% interest in the Property, Teck Cominco may, at its option, earn a further 15% interest in the Property for a total 70% interest by completing a feasibility study and paying Mena US$2 million before September 30, 2011, while incurring a minimum annual expenditure of US$500,000 during this period (the "Second Earn-in" period).