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Rum has earthier fruit notes (fig, jam), tequila and mescal have mineral (earth) and wood (spruce, smoke) flavors, and whisky and cognac have dairy, spice, wood, nutty (oak, butter, cedar, cinnamon) flavor profiles.
This is the funkier side of town, where families, artists and workers live in frame bungalows lining narrow, hilly side streets, and the main drag, Haywood Road, has an earthier, slightly gritty feel.
I guess the richness was designed to contrast with the simple rabbit, but I'd have preferred something earthier.
Teachout explores Ellington's personal life, which was earthier and more turbulent than his always elegant on-stage manner, but Duke is really a biography of a band, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, peppered with mini bios of its many eminent members over the years.
On the palate the crisp green apple notes combine with the earthier pear tones and a little toast in the background.
Kate's earthier links to a family of Co Durham miners, an inmate of Holloway Prison and a west London road sweeper are well established.
This season''s blooms have an altogether earthier appearance.
Although earlier poets like Carducci dung to the traditionally sonorous, elegant language of their literary forbears, later ones, like Saba and Montale, reacted with poems written in a new language that was pointedly earthier and even intentionally harsh.
Their allure is immediate - at a time when modern homegrown folk music often spells designer-bearded, theme park Americanisation, Skinny Lister are a welcome throwback to earthier bands.
Classically-trained South African keyboardist Mann, who had considerable success in the 60s with songs such as Do Wah Diddy, Sha La La and Mighty Quinn, was looking for a rockier, earthier sound when he formed the Earth Band in 1971 with guitarist and vocalist Rogers, drummer Chris Slade and bassist Colin Pattenden.
An earthier contrast to the chic Tuddenham, our room was smaller, more basic, but comfortable and a mere pebble's throw from the beach.