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FABRIC Stick with natural fibers and materials, such as cotton and wool, to maintain a raw earthiness.
It is also the essence of the Attire identity - creating eye catching designs which are driven by the earthiness of nature and its amazing colour palette.
Silver Stag Knives of Blaine, Washington, specializes in such cockle-warming earthiness.
This Knowsley effort is brewed with Jester hops and Belgian Trappist yeast, giving it that robust earthiness you associate with Belgian ales.
The whole thing's played out amid ale-soaked lovemaking, the local baker's phallically positioned baguettes and a sweaty earthiness that celebrates the human condition.
Nowadays, though, careful vineyard techniques reduces the tannin significantly and allow the grapes to produce bright, rounded, fruity, cherry dominated red wine like this - with touches of spice, menthol and a beetroot-style earthiness.
The result--juicy slices of beef served rare, earthiness highlighted by mushrooms and white truffle oil, a tartness from pickle dressing and ponzu butter that cuts through the beefiness, textural plays from sweet potato mash and paper thin rounds of crispy baby potatoes.
At play in the spacious fields of her wit and down to earthiness, Wendy Videlock's poetry has been published in the New York Times, Poetry, and two other full length collections of her work, Nevertheless (a finalist for the 2012 Colorado Book Award), and The Dark Gnu.
Fellini was known for his distinct style which blended fantasy and baroque images with earthiness.
com) is wonderful with a twist of pink grapefruit to bring the citrus flavours to life | Merging sweetness with earthiness, beyond the juniper you'll find floral aromas lead to a citrus core with more spicy juniper on the smooth, creamy finish of Sipsmith London Dry Gin (PS29.
But the real winner in my eyes was the tangy lentil salad; studded with a dice of celery and crunchy picked carrots, it was a study in earthiness.
Traversing through the rustic rural twirling route, returning from spanking new mall space to a rural interior made me look back to the fields, ponds, hills, peacocks, cows, buffaloes and the earthiness of stretch crossed over, and realised the missing charm in our ' Uber Urbane' lives.