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I would say it is their earthliness and earthiness, even as they sacralize the dailiness of life alone or with others, a life of the mind and body in an ongoing harmony with the seasons.
I then explore what it would mean for mission theology to turn to God in creation, moving from a dominating to a kenotic "down to earth" missiology that is rooted in the earthliness of creation, there finding God's grace and healing.
For one thing, Alfred could experience for himself the earthliness of any kind of measurement along with the limitations of naked eye observation.
What I've always admired about Judaism is its worldliness, its earthliness, its impatience with metaphysical questions about God's existence and the afterlife, which has always struck me as a realistic assessment of the limits of human understanding.
They illuminate the major themes of his art, its central antitheses: "humanity and art, reality and imagination, love and loneliness, mortality and immortality, ideal and earthliness, perfection and imperfection, evanescence and eternity, good and evil, sanity and insanity"; "he acknowledges artists as they are and views their faults and humanity with empathy" (24).
If and when we do fail to encounter earthliness, this is a good indication that what we are dealing with is equipment or that we are dealing with the artwork as equipment.
7) The Gothic uses its necessary anchoring in earth and earthliness not to proceed along earth's plane or to aspire to a known object and then return to earth, but in order to aspire, as it were, intransitively (and with due humility), in a recognition of the existential dependence of all creatures upon God.