earthly possessions

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As an instance, this very morning Biddy, remembering a secret mauling at the hands of Lerumie, laid teeth into his naked calf and threw him sprawling into the water, trade-box, earthly possessions and all, and then laughed at him, sure in the protection of Mister Haggin who grinned at the episode.
as I may now venture to add on my account) of plain Marian Halcombe, spinster, now settled in a snug little sitting-room, with a cup of tea by her side, and all her earthly possessions ranged round her in three boxes and a bag.
Tonga had brought all his earthly possessions with him, his arms and his gods.
Yet, her commitment to caring is greater than losing many of her earthly possessions.
Well, your perambulating pensioner knows people, cynics of our time, who find it strange a church so grand should serve a community never blessed with an abundance of earthly possessions.
They're huddled in doorways next to shopping carts crammed with all their earthly possessions, men barely alive, men with no pasts and no futures.
Many of them live in the woods bordering Springfield, arriving with their earthly possessions stowed in a backpack or on a bicycle, Katzenberger said.
A small bag, box of shells, calls and shotgun in an Avery case were my earthly possessions as we left the boat.
We all become messengers that love is real and richly celebrated regardless of our social status or our earthly possessions.
Hence, Hernandez said many of his friends are also letting go their earthly possessions in time for May 21.
earthly (adj) (belonging to the earth; 'worldly' as opposed to 'heavenly'): A noble person does not give too much importance to earthly possessions.