earthly possessions

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As an instance, this very morning Biddy, remembering a secret mauling at the hands of Lerumie, laid teeth into his naked calf and threw him sprawling into the water, trade-box, earthly possessions and all, and then laughed at him, sure in the protection of Mister Haggin who grinned at the episode.
as I may now venture to add on my account) of plain Marian Halcombe, spinster, now settled in a snug little sitting-room, with a cup of tea by her side, and all her earthly possessions ranged round her in three boxes and a bag.
Tonga had brought all his earthly possessions with him, his arms and his gods.
This is not a time to think about your house, a time to think about your earthly possessions," said Mapp.
I spent about 10 percent of my earthly possessions within 15 minutes of landing in JFK: Knowing little about the local geography, I hailed a cab and asked it to drive me to Westchester, to the home of a friend who agreed to put me up for a few days, a $200 ride.
Louise Tajeki gathered her earthly possessions and together with her family fled to Beni in another part of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2003.
And here's our own question: Has Pacquiao ever thought of leaving all his earthly possessions (numerous mansions, luxury vehicles, etc.
Jesus is totally poor in terms of earthly possessions but he is absolutely rich in heavenly goods, or better still, he both has and is the true wealth of the Father and of men, that wealth being life itself-"I came that they may have life and have it in abundance" (Jn 10:10b).
May 15, 1948, was the official day of recognition of this tragic episode, which resulted in many Palestinians fleeing for their lives in the wake of the emergence of terror gangs comprising Zionist invaders, leaving behind all their earthly possessions.
Discovered in Mongolia's Altai Mountains, the exceptionally well-preserved mummy, believed to have been a commoner, was buried with her earthly possessions -- including a pair of shoes that bear more than a passing resemblance to Adidas sneakers.
Silas calls Jay "a jackrabbit in a den of wolves" and, indeed, some people on the road are wolves in sheep's clothing: the jolly anthropologist who absconds with all Jay's earthly possessions, the executioner tucked inside a clerical collar, and the devilish bandit leader Payne (Ben Mendelsohn) who dons a matted woolly overcoat.
The TULF very strongly urges the ITAK to seriously consider that its survival depends solely on the other Member parties of the alliance whose members had sacrificed not only their life and limb and some all their earthly possessions.