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While the buildings in the expo site are resistant to a Japanese earthquake intensity of 7, we will consult experts in order to make doubly sure on their quake protection and our evacuation plan,'' an official at the Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition said.
The measure of earthquake intensity used in ACM is directly linked to building performance, rather than ground shaking.
Nevertheless, "the earthquake intensity in particular areas of Mexico City was much larger than what the buildings were designed for,' says Roberto Meli of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City.
This component of the AIR damage estimation module uses a separate dynamic simulation to calculate the rate of fire ignitions as a function of earthquake intensity and construction type, the spread of the fire as affected by wind conditions and building density, and the capacity of available firefighting resources to respond to and suppress fires.
2 earthquake hits Metro Manila, he says, the entire 2- to 3-kilometer wide strip of land adjacent to the lakeshore, the WMV fault zone, would experience Intensity 9 on the Phivolcs Earthquake Intensity Scale.

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