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Nice earthy hop aroma," Gregg Glaser said, "and great balance between the malt and hops.
ATLANTA-Mother Nature would be pleased to see that in a market rich with bold, bright colors and every shade of red, soft, earthy shades continue to be a necessity.
It also prepared the audience for what was to come: dancing both elegant and earthy, often simultaneously, and inventive ideas firmly grounded in classical traditions.
He's an erudite specialist who speaks a popular, often earthy language, the natural enemy of borderline philistines and their fashionably "shocking" interpretations (and he names names).
This story is funny and tender, and the earthy illustrations by Christy Hale provide a sense of community in the village and market life often found in rural Africa.
LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is notifying customers in the San Fernando Valley that they may begin to experience an earthy or musty odor in their water supply.
It could be Sunday before the earthy odor is gone from the water, which is being piped to an estimated 10 million people, Jill T.
Endless Knot's introductions include styles colored in earthy shades of moss, gray and bisque.
The snarling anger and the dime-store philosophy has been replaced with an earthy, energy that wisely does not hinge on one specific stylistic or emotional stance.
Both earthy and ethereal, this company is immediately accessible for dancers and audiences of all backgrounds.
Lacking the earthy tactile pleasure of paint on canvas, such a composition must rely on the more airy pleasures of combinatory blessedness.