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In contrast to Edward II, who is feminized and punished for his "loose tongue" and failure to listen to his noble advisors, Edward III demands proof for what he hears and thereby becomes an earwitness with regal authority (47).
Falstaff's subjection of Hal to his language of rumors, buzz, "lies and half-truths" helps train him to become an earwitness who maintains informational authority and ensures his country's fame (65, 73).
In King Lear, Cordelia's refusal to speak glibly in the opening scene is intended to alert her father to listen and become an earwitness to the flattery of Goneril and Regan (84).
Through this process, the king gains training as an earwitness and becomes adept at sifting through information, thus ensuring his success as a monarch.
Botelho finally comes full circle by noting that Cary completed a dramatic work depicting the same failed earwitness that Christopher Marlowe brought to the stage thirty-five years earlier--Edward II.