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Today's enterprises seek RIA solutions that not only ease development pains when creating business-critical Internet applications but also leverage existing IT assets -- without compromising performance or functionality," said Coach Wei, Chairman and CTO of Nexaweb.
Another attractive feature is the ease with which businesses can migrate from earlier versions of BellSouth central-office based services to Centrex.
Ease of Ownership (ease of installation, customization and upgrade)*
An asymmetric directive was consistent with the view shared by most members that the risks to the expansion were biased to the downside, but no member expressed a strong presumption about the likely need to ease policy during the weeks ahead.
Members who preferred to ease monetary policy at this time referred to what they viewed as an unsatisfactory outlook for economic activity, and some stressed the desirability of taking prompt action to promote sustained growth in the broader monetary aggregates within the Committee's ranges.
Solid Edge provides breakthrough performance for mechanical assembly design and drafting -- combining production-proven solid modeling and unparalleled ease of use at an affordable price.
Other members, who saw the risks to the expansion as more evenly balanced, indicated a preference for a symmetric instruction in the directive; however, they could accept retention of the bias toward ease contained in the October 3 directive.
equity prices on October 13 revived concerns that heavy foreign investment in the United States might be discouraged and that the Federal Reserve might ease even more quickly or aggressively than previously supposed.
Marimba's ease of use, ease of integration and open-standards approach was key in our decision making process.
In the Committee's discussion of an appropriate policy for the intermeeting period ahead, a majority of the members indicated that they could support a proposal to ease reserve conditions slightly at this time and to bias the directive toward possible further easing later in the intermeeting period.