easily bent

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Green packaging technology uses materials such as paper, plastic, metal, and glass, which can be easily bent or molded as needed.
These materials can be easily bent or molded as needed, but can return to their original form once released.
The metal remains liquid at room temperature, allowing it to be easily bent and arranged.
The tubes are easily bent and stretched, and are at least twice as strong as the strongest fibers made from carbon nanotubes to date, the researchers report.
In his research, Xie proved that crumb rubber is not a rigid material; instead, it can be easily bent or compressed.
The plastic case is stiff and not flexible, and the tips are easily bent.
Democracy depends on the rule of law, which is easily bent and even broken.
This is largely the result of a two-party political system that's easily bent to corporate interests.
The Chamber Maid easily bent into the chamber and the cleaning was accomplished easily.
It is easily bent, curled, twisted, and otherwise contorted into fascinating linear designs.
The national media, under Communism, were easily bent into molds suited to regional nationalisms.