easily excited

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They are two hotheads -- the one a Gascon, the other from Picardy; both are easily excited, but they quiet down immediately.
They are less easily excited off their balance; they can recognize and obey their master's voice in the scuffle and rage of battle; and they never fly into nervous hysterics such as are common, say, with fox-terriers.
For a minute the pup also was similarly affected; but less sage, or more easily excited, he was induced at length to leap forward, and finally to dash into the cover.
Osborne has been training since 2000 and is not easily excited.
J-- and I were young and, yes, in that kind of love, so easily excited by the sound of sleek fingers on a keyboard, so easily moved by the smell of kindling pine.
People who are "wowed" by the sight of bees and honey are very easily excited and may faint if confronted by a shire horse.
Maybe that's because I'm not very easily excited myself.
Arabs and Moslems feel that they are a defeated nation and are easily excited when they see the short-term successes of organizations like, Daesh.
Shaygan Kheradpir is not a manwho gets easily excited.
Many Irish setters were easily excited and even more easily distracted, which added to the breed's scatterbrained reputation.
Using a hybrid configuration, multi-modes can be easily excited in the DRA, such as fed by a planar patch.
The candidates acknowledge that voters aren't easily excited about the Railroad Commission race.