easily observed

See: scrutable
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But in some ways, this only extends to architecture and infrastructure: the traditional concepts of submission to a higher authority, a military-like attitude and environment, competition, repetition, 'tatemae' (the faAoade or front that one maintains in public) were the norm, and easily observed in all facets of life.
There are conferences discussing sensor technology for monitoring and prompt detection of injuries that may not be easily observed.
The main adverse circumstance in which this phenomenon can be easily observed is in extremes of cold, where circulation to the extremities--hands, feet noses and ears--closes down, sometimes completely.
Though it can be easily observed that law and order situation in industrial cities particularly in Karachi has been improved significantly during the last three years.
org/encyclopedia/bioluminescence/) National Geographic , most bioluminescent organisms inhabit the ocean, and the blue-green light they produce is more easily observed in the deep ocean.
The change in the alloy's microstructure is profound and easily observed.
As well the Orion Nebula, the eastern night sky will reveal an easily observed star cluster, the Pleiades or "seven sisters".
The impact of any shut-in periods at Klebb 2 or 3 are easily observed by an increase in fluid level at Klebb 1 (and Klebb 4).
I've been a hunter all my life, and I had no idea how fast a deer can go from an easily observed creature, to something that's rarely seen.
In the springtime the birds of the immediate coastal region are present in much larger numbers and will be easily observed.
Mesoscale prediction relies on easily observed synoptic-scale factors as well as fixed terrain factors like mountains and moisture sources.