easily offended

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She was fanciful, had all sorts of unspoken preferences, and was easily offended.
Easily offended flyers please be warned - Queen Of The Sky will take no hostages.
In an interview with The NewYork Times last December, Chris Rock confessed that he had stopped playing college scenes because the crowds were "too conservative" and too easily offended.
Graham Rankin added: "It's not good that the country is bowing to the easily offended.
Easily offended types may not enjoy Al Pacino's career-defining role as a Cuban drug lord, but it's their loss because this is a masterpiece.
This time around, the ire of the easily offended is directed at the Chandra Prakash Dwivedi- directed Mohalla Assi.
Also, while we aren't talking 50 Shades Of Grey, there are parts of the book not for the easily offended.
According to AskMen, women get easily offended by compliments like -
In an era when we all seem so easily offended, how long will it be before there are calls for a total ban?
The humour is certainly not family friendly; old-fashioned, backward comedy that has often been accused of being racist, sexist and homophobic, Mrs Brown''s Boys is not for the easily offended.
There will be no holding him back as he shares his views on news, women and gender, and the venue warns those easily offended should stay away.
I'm not exactly sure what we hoped to learn from the Special One, but perhaps some of the easily offended Madrid journalists expected a modern-day Sermon on the Mount.