easily seen

References in classic literature ?
Of course after this accident a stout white rail was put up that might be easily seen, but if those horses had not been partly blinded, they would of themselves have kept further from the edge, and no accident would have happened.
I wonder if she deceived me when she affected to think that there were others like us, or whether I saw through her from the first, she was so easily seen through.
Twin headlamps close-up can sometimes be perceived as car headlamps - never rely on the expectation that you will be easily seen.
The touch-sensitive color terminal for TMA/SDTA 1 presents clear and precise information and is easily seen from a distance.
LAHORE -- Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah Khan Sunday said that Imran Khan's show regarding price-hike flopped as the masses rejected it and the disappointment could be easily seen on the faces of Imran Khan and other leaders.
White fly usually attacks in dry and hot weather and in July and August it could be easily seen on cotton crop, they added.
We could have easily seen a spate of dogs facing a slow death.
Twitter's searchability makes criticism easy to find, so some companies are making sure their response to complaint tweets also can be easily seen.
Too often I have seen people gulping their food while sitting in their parked cars just outside a fast-food outlet and, on completion, nonchalantly dropping their bag of waste, leftovers and cola cups out of the car, sometimes pushing it under the car where it won't be easily seen.
This morning while waiting at a T junction by the old A5 on Anglesey three cars approached from my right, easily seen as they had their head lights on, I started to move out when I suddenly realised there was another car approaching, no lights, and the background of trees made a dark rainy morning even darker.
London, Aug 24 ( ANI ): The small town of Cambridge Bay, Nanavut, one of the most remote places on earth located in Canada's Arctic region, can now be easily seen through Google's Map Street service.
There is a great range of high-visibility cycle clothing that means you will be easily seen by other road users.