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Drivers work in transportation sector shut off engine of their vehicles to show their easiness the latest curfews, which is underway due to the big operation to terminate the terrorists attacks which are being carried out by Kurdistan Workers' Party(PKK) and its affiliates in the region.
Ease in MasterEase stands for easiness of mixing, pumping, placing, leveling and finishing of concrete," he added.
Professors are evaluated on clarity, helpfulness, easiness and rater interest level before attending the class.
There's also a good deal of charm on display, much of it derived from the small details, including the looks Ben and George give one another, the easiness of their shared company and the sheer naturalness of the movie's dialogue.
There's lots of charm, from the looks Ben and George give one another, to the easiness of their shared company.
Sport" is actually the seeking of challenge, not easiness, and it is highly individual and circumstantial.
It is characterised with its elegant design and easiness of control through smartphones iOS application which works on Android operating system, it said.
Its key attributes are said to be reliability, easiness to drive and fuel-efficiency.
As part of introducing best practices that ensure easiness in the work, Dubai Municipality has given its workers 100 advanced hand-carts in Skipper model.
Police said the Al Ameen Security service would like to receive people's points of view about the service in terms of the means of communication, mechanisms and easiness to reach.
The new Sand Hole and Sand Toss Kits by SandBiz is yet another latest development for coming up with a solution that really provides the best easiness for a sand game to carry, store and play on the beach.
The slight price rise was driven by the easiness of tension over a possible military action against Syria and the positive economic data coming from the world's biggest economy as the number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits plummeted last week 31,000 to a seasonally adjusted 292,000.