easy job

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That's an easy job," said Scraps, sitting upon a big upholstered chair and making the springs bounce her up and down.
Bu when on level ground it does not appear an easy job fo one man to kill a beast mad with terror.
Jukes burst out: "If you think it was an easy job --"
He was a soldier of distinguished skill and success, but he didn't have altogether an easy job with this little place.
I am so out of sorts that I bungle at an easy job like this
FERGUSON: Serving tea to the media cannot be an easy job - so you well and truly deserve a long and happy retirement
Slapping ban was easy job and identifying wrong NGOs was difficult job for you therefore, you did easy job.
Looking from the outside in it's not an easy job to do.
When an elderly veteran begs for his protection and Brodie finds an easy job turns challenging and dangerous, a series of encounters brings international forces into play in a deadly game of espionage, politics, and treachery with a long history.
He told the Darik national radio that he never expected it to be an easy job, but turned out to be aa little harder than expecteda.
The research scientist said that people have told him constantly that the job sounds boring but fortunately when looked under a microscope, everything comes to life with rich details and it looked like something from out of space, however, it's also not a very easy job either.
TV property expert Phil Spencer, who has hosted the Estas every year since their inception in 2004, said: "An agent's role is about guiding people through one of the most stressful times in their lives and that's not an easy job.