easy to grasp

See: clear, coherent
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It provides simple, easy to grasp application virtualization with a short learning curve.
And the pockets and ridges make them easy to grasp, especially for little hands.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Guarantee Of Godrej Make Or Equivalent Vertical Filing Cabinet (4 Drawer Type) Having Following Features: A) Smooth Telescopic Drawer Slide Mechanism; B) Anti-Rebound And Anti-Tipping Mechanism; C) Easy To Grasp Handle; D) Robust Locking Facility; E) Prince Grey Colour (Preferable)
This ingenious Doodle provides information in a very subtle and easy to grasp way.
The rules of ten-pin bowling are easy to grasp (no offside rule), it's vaguely healthy (unless you round it off with a burger and chips) and, above all, it's fun.
It's easy to grasp why a cleaner struggling on the PS6.
Tad has so many features that it can be a little daunting, but the basic ones are easy to grasp.
Shanghai), but the relationship between the science and the equations is not always easy to grasp.
Linnett, of Stanley, County Durham, said: "I always found it easy to grasp concepts and often helped my peers understand things, but in exams other students always seemed to achieve better marks than me.
All the food tips are being disseminated through a comic, easy to grasp program that comprises 15 episodes targeting children from the age group of 5-10 years, it added.
The reasons are easy to grasp - outsiders find it difficult to raise such a personal matter with those who have undergone such sorrow.
It sounds complicated but it's actually quite easy to grasp.