eat away

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Time and the addition of water can make antifreeze acidic, which may eat away at rubber hoses, or alkaline, which can cause deposit buildup in water pumps.
I am absolutely convinced the prime minister of this government is not going to jeopardize this project by allowing pirates to eat away its base,'' Valenti said.
As chlorofiuorocarbons and other chemical pollutants eat away the stratospheric ozone layer, scientists have been expecting to see a strengthening in the intensity of UV rays reaching Earth's surface.
In an independent survey of over 15,000 small and home offices in the US and Europe, the number one problem they faced was printing waste and inability to accurately bill-back their clients for toner and other print costs which continued to eat away at their profits.
If costs skyrocket it could eat away at employees' pool of money,'' Tokofsky said.
The powder proved so hard that it began to eat away at the mortar and pestle.
Activated inflammatory cells can eat away the cap, leaving the plaque mechanically unstable.
Dole believes his late shift to a broad and continuing attack on the president's ethics and character will finally help him eat away at Clinton's lead.