eat excessively

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Dehydration can cause high blood sugar levels if individuals eat excessively during the Suhoor and Iftar meals, which highlights the importance of distributing food over two to three smaller meals during the non-fasting intervals.
If you eat excessively, your body can become leptin resistant; this mean your body can't differentiate anymore if body fat levels are extremely high, and when in action leptin receptors lose their sensitivity.
Fellow Tory Coun Alan Rudge (Sutton Vesey) added: "If you are going to eat excessively then sit in front of a computer, a TV or a reality TV show, you're doomed.
I think you can eat anything as long as you don't eat excessively and exercise.
Some cats do better having some high fiber kibble available to snack on; fiber will cause a feeling of fullness and may satisfy Tabitha's need to eat excessively or chew.
In it, he writes, "When I said [to food industry executives] that people tend to eat excessively if food is readily available, I could see the executives' facial expressions begin to change.
But those born without it eat excessively, enjoy all types of food and become severely obese.
And top consultant Tim Barrett has warned that parents could face questions from social services if they continue to allow their children to eat excessively.
In fact, it is far easier to eat excessively and never exercise to expand rapidly at the waist and hips - now that will alter your swing mechanics and rhythm.
She would force Ricochet to eat excessively and then beat her for being fat.
The diet suggests you eat a snack between meals if you feel hungry so you don't eat excessively at the next meal.