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He said 65 Rescue Units including Rescue Vehicles, Ambulances and other equipments also sent with the consignment of eatables so that they trained rescue teams could take part in rescue work in far flung hilly areas of KP.
He said he frequently visit different picnic spots along his family for entertainment but it is difficult for him to buy eatable items for his kids.
Soon, I plan to cultivate the mushroom Maitake that is also healing but unlike Reishi, this mushroom is eatable, "Beljmezov explains.
The project was carried out in a way that nutritive nanomaterials were completely eatable.
He says: "They are eatable, made from bread, first in fashion, need no pressing, feel good in dry climate, won't sag.
Durant bragged in letters from prison in Alicante: "After I killed her, I cut her body into small parts, eating what parts of her I found eatable.
To be made eatable under weightless conditions, Space Ram is made of soup powder with increased viscosity.
Do you know u have the best set of lips I have ever kissed, I know you described them as *** *** lips but I just thought they were eatable.
The mouth is also significant in Eatable Alphabet, a series of abstract paintings composed of horizontal stripes against the white ground of PVC board.
President's Choice Financial(TM) services offer Canada's only no fee daily bank account, the Interest First(TM) savings account with a premium interest rate currently at 5 per cent, the unbeatable, eatable mortgage(TM) which combines better rates and free groceries, a low cost borrowing account, a daily interest investment account RRSP, a variety of loans, high interest GICs, plus PC(TM) points towards free groceries.
He said Chief Minister Punjab as directed to sent off immediate relief goods to the earthquake hit areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa and within over night, all arrangements had been made to ensure delivery of essential eatable items including pulses, rice, milk, tea, biscuits, vegetable oil, sugar, medicines, blankets and other necessities.
Tenders are invited for Supply of eatable items to the Ration Department, Canteen & Bakery Department of Vadodara Central Jail.