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Patrons also claimed eating grass and following the ministry cured their illnesses.
One of the more common theories behind dogs that eat grass is that they do it as a means to vomit but the majority of research has found that in most cases dogs do not display signs of being ill before eating grass.
The risk increases in lambs that are old enough to be eating grass, especially among triplets.
Cows love to eat grass, and eating grass is not only good for cows but it is also good for consumer health and the environment.
Instead of eating grass in the field, she just sits outside the front door waiting for me to come home.
After India conducted Pokhran test in 1974, we decided to eat grass but have the bomb and since then we are eating grass, Aitzaz was quoted by media as saying.
A teacher asked her students to draw cows eating grass.
The deer may have been irradiated after eating grass polluted with radioactive matter spewed from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the Tochigi officials say.
Yet, destructive as their feeding may seem to be, the real problem is the mating, which leads to egg laying, which results in the grubs that will be eating grass roots for about the next eight months.
This may be an underestimate but it is worth noting that the same figures show 139 cases of equine grass sickness which is a peculiar and deadly condition which occurs in horses eating grass but almost never in horses fed only hay.
Impoverished North Korea has requested overseas food and relief groups have said that the state faces imminent shortages, saying people are again eating grass and tree bark.
It seems to like sitting in the sunshine eating grass.