ebb and flow

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The park, says Obuchi, links 'the ebb and flow of the ocean's waves to the societal wave of fluctuating energy consumption'.
Chien says that phospholamban acts as a brake on the normal ebb and flow of calcium that drives heart contractions.
Either way I like to see the ebb and flow of opinions from day to day.
In return for the benefits of free trade, we may have to accept a painful ebb and flow of jobs and industries.
This simple zone approach has the added benefit of forcing most opposing teams to abandon the zone in favor of a man-to-man defense, allowing your squad to dictate the ebb and flow of the game.
Thoughts slow, worries melt away, and breathing deepens to join the rhythmic ebb and flow of nature.
In the second section the flute ignites sparks of tone through rapid tonguing, tremolos, staccatos and trills as the tape sounds ebb and flow, gradually evolving from one harmony to the next.
Given that fact and the expense of building and maintaining the conventional pipe-and-pond systems, Coffman is striving to affordably mimic Mother Nature by reproducing the watershed's natural ebb and flow.
The market enthusiast replied, "I like gains and I will take them on a run up because of the normal ebb and flow of the marketplace.
The spacecrafts Ebb and Flow completed their mission with a lunar impact on December 17 after 11.
London, December 18 ( ANI ): NASA's gravity mapping satellites, Ebb and Flow, crashed into the surface of the Moon on Monday, finally ending their science mission.
a[euro]oeNegotiations always ebb and flow and right now theya[euro](tm)re in an ebb position,a[euro] Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz told Yahooa[euro](tm)s Tech Ticker on Wednesday.