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Methane in paddy soil is transported to the atmosphere through paddy water by two pathways: (1) diffusion between soil and atmosphere and (2) bubble ebullition [9].
0% (v/v) [11, 23], which suggests that bubble ebullition will release both C[H.
2] ebullition in tropical rice paddy fields in Thailand using an automatically closing chamber method.
Emission by bubble ebullition events was defined as a sudden increase in concentration ([DELTA]C/[DELTA]f) of [greater than or equal to]0.
4] ebullition events (Figures2(b) and 2(f)), a steady increase (Figure 2(d)), or a decrease by plant uptake (Figure 2(f)).
2] concentrations in the chamber often changed episodically with time due to bubble ebullition events (Figures 2(a), 2(b), 2(c), 2(e), and 2(f)), C[H.
4] emissions via ebullition that were found in the current study.
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4] emission by bubble ebullition and change of atmospheric pressure (a) or soil surface temperature (b).