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It looks to me as if these eccentric wills of old Nutcombe's came in cycles, as it were.
Many a lorgnette I saw turned in her direction, and the croupiers' hopes rose high that such an eccentric player was about to provide them with something out of the common.
But there have been inventors who were not eccentric and who starved while they sought to invent practical things; and sometimes, it is recorded, they succeeded.
These were very remarkable, but as eccentric as all his other accomplishments.
Air bearing is the key part of the air bearing system, choose the correct structure of air bearing system must consider the bearing capacity, cross-gap performance, eccentric bearing performance, installing difficulty, and manufacturing difficulty.
Testing included a standard Biodex strength testing protocol of five maximal concentric repetitions at 60[degrees]/sec, followed by five maximal eccentric repetitions at 60[degrees]/sec.
The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of an eccentric training program to a concentric training program on the morphological and mechanical properties of the knee extensor muscle-tendon unit in the elderly in an attempt to improve our understanding of the muscular adaptations to resistive exercises in this population.
Scholars of theology respond to Kelsey's two-volume Eccentric Existence: A Theological Anthropology (2009).
And as to what could have caused the planet's eccentric orbit, we can only speculate, Kane added.
What's more, Kane and his colleagues were able to detect a signal of reflected light from the planet known as HD 20782 -- a "flash" of starlight bouncing off the eccentric planet's atmosphere as it made its closest orbital approach to its star.
A diverse range of speakers from Europe and the US discussed the latest research, and the provision and delivery of eccentric viewing training.
Gary launched Eccentric Living in February 2015 with the vision of delivering a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for people who want to find premium home goods.