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Instead, it uses a smooth rotor housed inside an eccentrically bored barrel to create pressure to achieve melting.
Peterman himself has garnered considerable national media attention over the past two years, due in large part to the eccentrically portrayed character "J.
His tactile identification with the very actions of squeezing and squashing--manifested as a near-regressed playfulness of fingers dragged through clay--has led to the creation of a challenging body of oddly deformed (though eccentrically pleasing) amphorae, pitcher shapes, and ancient Chinese forms.
With two levels of showrooms, and a rooftop valet and storage area, the building is simple in form, comprising three curved plans stacked eccentrically and pinned by a single car lift tower.
incorporates eccentrically dysfunctional family relationships and a brand of eroticized, non-doctrinaire feminism so unique as to defy conventional responses.
But, as the eccentrically English, frail, absent minded but still feisty Rosemary, partial to Miles Davis and a glass of Guinness, this was Joan Plowright's show from opening to closing credits.
Among them the artist staged--and filmed--a series of performances starring four eccentrically dressed women: a duo in ponytails wearing jumpsuits made with toile-de-Jouy patterning, a woman with severe bangs in a suit with African accents, and an older woman wearing a bronze pinafore dress (who recalled cabaret singer Klaus Nomi's unclassifiable look).
Given that the building was anyway eccentrically loaded (12m-deep office space on the east, compared with 10.
Golden Years, Fame, Heroes, Rebel Rebel, China Girl, Ashes To Ashes, Under Pressure and an eccentrically reconstructed Let's Dance rubbed shoulders with crowd pleasers like Station To Station and The Man Who Sold The World.
They emerged as an eccentrically welatch pair, for the 1920s, when one rarely became so familiar with one's staff.
David left the weekly ``Seinfeld'' grind two years ago in order to make movies, and although ``Sour Grapes'' has so far received a mixed reception, it is clearly the movie he wanted to make - one in which men behave very badly, very eccentrically.