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Overall, I consider An Eclectic Collection--Short Stories to be well written, imaginative and an enjoyable read which I can highly recommend to all age groups, and the price is right.
Be bold enough to bring things in, try them and replace them if they're not quite working; with an eclectic look like this, you can afford to experiment - and the results can be exciting.
Commercialized spins on eclectic interiors love pop art, which was also plentiful at last week's expo.
The Eclectic is a great format," commented John Wilson, the Royal Golf Club's Golf Operations and Events Manager.
offers a model for school counselors who want to use an eclectic approach to counseling: the transtheoretical model of change (TTM), which integrates an eclectic approach that allows for multiple intervention strategies and techniques in encouraging change.
during which an eclectic mix of artists will open their studio doors to the public.
A portion of the proceeds from all Bruno's Eclectic Glassware is donated to the Diabetes Foundation in Mississippi.
The answer is: I keep eclectic scores for every course I play regularly.
Bales and Nettl-Fiol combine these voices with their own to investigate notions of dance training and practice as increasingly individualized and eclectic.
To represent this well-traveled, stylish South American family and their eclectic jet-set lifestyle, Cetra/ Ruddy spotlights the collected ephemera from their voyages, including tribal art and fabrics and wood sculptures, all displayed on custom teak millwork.
SunnO))) and BORIS Altar (Southern Lord)--Highly anticipated project between these two eclectic feedback monoliths.