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Eclecticism draws fine distinctions among cases concerning selective funding and equal access, distinctions that carry significant appeal ex post but may have little predictive power ex ante.
In recent years, there has been increased literature in the field of mental health counseling regarding the merits and limitations of eclecticism (e.
In the first part Kimball gauges the merits and the stature in contemporary criticism of figures whose work to some extent challenges or constitutes an alternative to the drift of Western culture towards postmodernism as well as to left eclecticism and the cultural revolution.
This book is a sensitive, subtle, and catholic meditation on eclecticism as a category in the study of religion, using modern Hindu discourse as a test case.
Thinking about all the work that I've done which includes documentaries and dramas, straight dramas now and gay musicals, the thing I want is to keep pursuing that eclecticism and not be put in a box.
Luther's eclecticism was typical of the Renaissance, an era in which religious and medical conceptions of madness coexisted, and when treatment could range from exorcisms and prayer to purgings and bleedings.
In a city renowned for its' boldness, diversity, and eclecticism, Hudson is an inspired piece of organized chaos -- a reflection of New York itself -- shimmering with a vivacity and, in-your-face style that is hard to ignore, and even harder to forget.
Eclecticism is not a tenable philosophy of education, and, therefore, cannot mediate children's learning.
Conscious and controlled eclecticism, Olaniyan argues, privilege an enabling Caribbean cultural identity.
Courtney's willingness to take risks, her creative eclecticism, responds to our needs.
After presenting the concepts, history, research, and belief structures of psychotherapy integration, the book considers two exemplars of theoretical integration, technical eclecticism, and common factors.