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Once we discuss The tourism dept has a comprehensive plan chalked out for the ecologically dead Naini Lake in the Model Town area
The contract involves the supply and installation of solar collectors in the project "solar and ecologically clean municipality handles - increased use of renewable energy by installing solar panels.
Grijalva represents the mainstream Democratic position supporting a balance of stronger forest protection along with limited and ecologically sustainable logging on federal lands.
People look at a cargo ship which ran aground after a heavy storm at Saler beach near Valencia -an ecologically valuable stretch of Spanish coastline
Let this progressive resolution passed by Nature Saskatchewan be a clarion call to Nova Scotia and other jurisdictions that bounties and other mass killings of coyotes are ethically indefensible, ecologically reckless, and counter to sound scientific wildlife conservation," stated Paul Paquet, advisory board member of Project Coyote and senior scientist of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.
The manner in which oil is garnered is dirty, old fashioned and ecologically harmful.
Ces dernieres sont decrites brievement avant que l'auteur de la reponse n'aborde chacune des preoccupations mentionnees ci-dessus, demontrant comment l'auteur de la critique fait des assomptions qui ignorent ou deforment le cadre de [much less than] thinking ecologically [much greater than] (penser ecologiquement).
help landowners financially and technically to adopt ecologically sustainable practices
Environmental: Most materials were salvaged, straw walls, completely ecologically sound
The land includes some of IP's most ecologically important lands, and most will remain working forests.
ABI) has a leading-edge technology called dry distillation that turns biomass into bioproducts, creating an untapped energy market in Canada that is renewable and ecologically friendly.
This third edition provides new information on ecologically conscious design and on failures of design resulting in specific outcomes such as sick building syndrome and the collapse of the World Trade Center.