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The questions in this section focused on the ability of education to support the development of academic skills and competences needed by graduates of the economic sciences.
The preface explains that Taparelli decided to return to a study of fundamental principles after the first article in this series made it clear that progress in establishing a Catholic economic science required more than merely showing the defects, theoretical and practical, of the existing schools.
Resulting in a "real analysis" (102), this development allowed Lonergan to offer a set of primary and secondary differentials that laid the groundwork for the breakthrough to economic science.
Simon Cook has written a worthwhile account of the intellectual foundations of Alfred Marshall's economic science which combines analytical rigour with the intellectual mood of the time.
The 13th volume in the Nova Science series on game theory and applications concentrates on papers that were presented at the Third Pan-Pacific Game Theory Conference in Beijing, and emphasizes the overlap of this research with other areas of economic science, mathematics, sociology and philosophy.
Manna from Heaven: From Divine Speech to Economic Science
Nobel Prizes are awarded for physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace, and economic science.
About 40 years ago Gary Becker, who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 1992, popularized the idea of human capital.
Milton Friedman, Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, and recipient, 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Science
The expediency of such an addition proves to be true as distinct objects and subjects of research, and the presence of advanced theoretical and practical operating time in each section of economic science.

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