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Neuberger's comprehensive approach to economic systems was outlined in several publications, including a textbook with William Duffy in the 1970s outlining the decision-making, information and motivation approach and applying it to an examination of several countries.
Enderle--a Swiss ex-Jesuit fluent in liberation theology as well as economic theory combines a European Catholic social ethics perspective, focused on reforming the economic system, with an American business ethics perspective, focused on corporate responsibility, and a Chinese perspective on the global economy.
Nigeria was an expanding economic system and confident that the United States govt would assist in expanding the economic system, he said.
Instead of reverting to a liberal system after World War II, Japan's economic system evolved to more interventionism.
The dip represents the 8th subsequent quarter in which the Mediterranean island's economic system has been in adverse area -- but the shrinkage is a little bit lower than the yearly 5.
Our greatest achievement appears to be the ability of our economic system to create incredible wealth for a small minority of the population, Mander argues.
Capitalism is an economic system that believes in private ownership and in the production of goods and services for profit.
17 (SUNA) - Members of the economic committee of the national dialogue have agreed on adoption of the mixed economic system (mixture of the socialism and capitalism sector) which enables the state to manage part of the economic activity and also paves the way for the private sector to practice the other part of the economic activity.
Client requires providers in the provision of support to carry and safeguard the activities and services that lead to the smooth operation of the economic system.
He criticized the capitalist economic system and termed it as a cruelty to the poor while saying it is based on Riba which is the core fault, failure and cause of ruining the fabric of society.
As such, they would have no qualms with seeing the downfall of corporate capitalism -- and its supporting institutions -- and its replacement by an economic system that treats them with dignity, that pays them a living wage and whose means of production serve the societal interest, not the interests of the uber-rich and upper-income groups.
He called for the independence of the CBI according to its present law and stops all campaigns against it, because they will affect negatively on the economic system and create new crises.