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Of the economically inactive Qatari males, majority were either classified as students or retired, it said, while among women the group included students and home makers.
A study of official statistics showed there are 1,379,000 economically inactive women seeking work, compared to 920,000 men.
Therefore, the government determined to strengthen the provision of economically affordable housing and low-rent housing to enlarge the population that can be safeguarded (General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 2006; General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 2007; Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China, 2007; Stephens, 2010).
The research that indicates that, in terms of deference to authority and "individualism," the economically advancing Developing-World countries are on average far from those in the First World but almost identical to other Developing-World countries.
Although the Recovery Act requires that economically distressed areas get priority in funding, the Government Accountability Office reported in July that DOT had not developed clear guidance for steering the funds.
Recycled aggregates in general were developed to economically place these types of materials back into roads and building slabs," says one New Jersey recycler.
3 is asked: "Is it economically viable to remove certain components from this item and re-sell them to component after-markets?
This is an economically short-sighted mistake, as peat fuel could be inexpensively substituted for coal, lower pollution and provide much needed employment in the North.
The attacks normally focused on individuals who have jobs working with commercially or economically sensitive data, according to the NISCC.
What evocative imagery does the Economically Inactive conjure up for you?
While building traditional plants will create jobs, building "green" plants generate them at economically advantageous rates as well: 2.
If true, it would be the first example of economically correct reporting about this subject as prices do rise as supplies shrink--something politicians and journalists alike forget when prices rise momentarily following a natural disaster.

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