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Economizer high-limit controls and why enthalpy economizers don't work.
Experiments were performed on a five-ton rooftop air conditioner equipped with an economizer.
The air economizer serves as a control mechanism to regulate the use of outside air for cooling in a room or building.
A CDU is not included in this model; the implicit assumption has been made that the water-side economizers and chillers can be controlled in a manner to provide dew-point protection.
Responses showed that there is an average 4,724 hours per year available in which economizers can be used effectively, however their actual use amongst the sample averaged at 3,943 hours or 80 per cent of the time.
For facility managers and building owners looking to receive the most bang for their energy management buck, fuel and energy economizers can certainly fit the bill.
A 1 megawatt (1000kw) data center in Tokyo, Japan, with power at [yen] 24 per kW hour, could save [yen]43,020,000 per year using free cooling, or [yen]27,500,000 per year using a water side economizer.
There are several system types that can benefit from water economizers where air economizers are not practical or cost effective.
The fresh air economizer concept is based on the principal that at certain times, outside air is cool enough and dry enough to directly cool buildings, eliminating the need to operate air conditioning equipment.
Economizers on RTUs with direct expansion (DX) mechanical cooling to remain fully open during integrated operation until discharge temperature drops to 45[degrees]F (7[degrees]C).
There are four floors, five dedicated outside air VAV air handling units, one dedicated outside air CAV unit, and two VAV units with airside economizers.
The mechanical ventilation system includes fresh-air economizers with intake ports on every floor that provide fresh air and natural cooling.