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Also, a high degree of integration and synergies among key players is vital for the smooth functioning of a FinTech ecosystem.
For Jackson, an innovation ecosystem is driven by economic dynamics rather than energy exchanges and is comprised of two separate, weakly coupled economies: the knowledge economy and the commercial economy.
So the call to our profession is simple, but essential: work together to understand how ecosystem services can be quantified, what their impacts are on food security, energy security, and human well-being, and how to incorporate this knowledge into land management, economic models, and policy decisions so that we maintain, or better yet improve, the quality and quantity of the ecosystem services that we so desperately depend on.
The Cisco iQ Ecosystem Program enables Accrue to continue to provide companies with Internet analytics expertise, but with the added benefit of access to `pre-qualified' complimentary technology and services companies," said Jonathan D.
explicitly pricing ecosystem services can be politically difficult but
The disappearance of such a dominant tree species from the Appalachians might have been expected to have had far more major consequences for the survival of other species in the ecosystem than it apparently has had.
The service--enormously important--helps save the environment by providing ecologically sensitive parents with all-natural cloth diapers, so they can avoid using plastic products that cram urban landfills to overflowing and ultimately contribute to the destruction of the ecosystem, the landfills, and, for all I know, the ravaging of the Amazon Rain Forest and the vast grazing plains of central Africa.
Environmentalists also are enamoured with ecosystems management, not only because most do have a metaphysical aversion to meddling in nature but also because it fits well with their political agenda.
Once we've decided what the problem is and set a goal, we have to take action to restore damaged forest ecosystems.
The predator populations have 7 to 10 times as much influence over the ecosystem as the availability of nutrients does.
When [sea otters] are present, the ecosystem looks one way, and when they are absent the ecosystem looks dramatically different," explains Johnson.