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Nonetheless, the test results suggest even a low cumulative dose of ecstasy could be neurotoxic.
Self-acceptance and other good feelings result when ecstasy triggers users' nerve cells to flood the brain with serotonin, a chemical that plays a key role in regulating mood.
In this article we provide data on the most important harms associated with adolescent substance use for the following drugs: Ecstasy (MDMA), methamphetamine, cough and cold medication (dextromethorphan), prescription opiates and stimulants, and "date rape" drugs, including sedatives and gamma hydroxybutarate (GHB).
Whereas Grey's transformed figures confidently ascend into rainbow mind-lattices, Tomaselli's organism plunges into the fractured rag-and-bone shop of the head, delivering the more assimilable message that ecstasy is rarely far from the abject.
and Canada had posted reports on seven varieties of Ecstasy pills, describing them (sometimes with photos), rating them, and discussing their effects.
Three other drugs besides Ecstasy have declined in use since 2001, including cigarettes, which declined from 23.
Ecstasy has become one of the most popular drugs with students and young professionals since the late 80s.
Researchers said that until now little had been known about the impact of Ecstasy and other drug use on memory.
This profound axonal destruction has been demonstrated in monkeys shortly after receiving even a single dose of Ecstasy comparable to the dose typically used in the rave clubs--and the structural damage remains evident in these monkeys for up to at least 7 years.
The market for Ecstasy has begun to expand from those ravers into a broader user demographic--one that is both older and younger, more racially diverse, and includes people who do their drugs not at big raves but home alone.
Opponents seeking to bolster their case in the interim point to animal studies that found ecstasy damaged or even killed brain cells involved in producing the drug's high.