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But Europe is different: "The [European] codes of civil procedure of the 19th century strictly adhered to the principle nemo tenetur edere contra se, i.
This irrational alimentary compulsion of the Elia persona goes back to several of Lamb's earliest personae, the legacy of Edax (Latin, edax from edere, to eat), Ebriosus (ebriare, to intoxicate) and the subject of Hospita's complaint (hospita, a hostess).
As a variation on a Feuerbachian theme--itself a variation on what I think is a Stoic theme--we might say, Primum edere deinde philosophari, "First eat, then philosophize.
Non enim desinit Deus edere nobis quod cure magno gaudio spectemus: aut circi insania huic spectaculo comparanda est?
It is made up of two Latin words -ob,a preposition meaning ``the cause of'' or ``because of'',and the verb ``to eat'', which had two forms,esse and edere.
Pictura agresti voluit Brant atque tabellis Edere eum indoctis rusticolisque viris.
Arma gravi numero violentaque bella parabam edere, materia conveniente modis.
columba et turtur], quae gemitum pro cantu edere solet, in hoc saeculo ploratum designat poenitentium.
o Federal de Processamento de Dados and Universidade Estadual de Campinas and Pepsico (Brazil), Unidad Nacional de Proteccion (Colombia), Edere SA (Mexico), Transporte de Valores Viseteca (Venezuela), Roche Farma (Spain) and Ekol Lojistik (Turkey).
The Ferrarese humanist Podocataro wrote a dedication for his wedding oration, in which he thanked his teacher Guarini and said that he had ordered him to produce the oration: "Timebam, mihi preceptor humanissime, ludos meos edere quos tamen tu ludos existimandos non esse dicis.
One might say, as a variation on a Feuerbachian theme: Primum edere, deinde philosophari.
When the author of the Apocalypse prophesied 'Vincenti dabo edere de ligno uite' (Revelation ii.