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The virtually edgeless design and stunning high-definition picture quality will produce a breathtakingly real view into Hollywood's golden era and create a video wall unlike any other.
Another attractive feature is their updated industrial design in a widescreen format providing a smooth, edgeless display.
These include new levels of connectivity to create a 'cloud living' model in the home, virtually edgeless cloud TV, glass-free 3D TV, wireless smart devices end cloud interaction and enhanced mind wave technology that allows viewers to control their TVs with their mind.
Where once surfaces were smooth and edgeless, now heavily textured paving stones are underfoot and huge golden crystals dominate the entry.
It seemed, on the outside, it was the center of an edgeless heart.
Haier will display the 65" 3D EV Series with a new thin bezel design that provides a truly immersive viewing experience with a virtually edgeless picture.
The Assurant Cobalt stent leverages the strength of cobalt chromium and a unique modular design to create a device with ultrathin, round, edgeless struts, allowing for smooth delivery to iliac artery lesions and excellent conformability to the vessel wall without sacrificing radial strength.
As the report notes, the engines of America's economy and industrial base are both vitalized by today's technology advances - and asymmetrically threatened by individual and state actors who infiltrate increasingly edgeless digital networks from within and without.
Zoeller showcased the One Design concept through an array of announcements, including the introduction of the new, virtually edgeless 60-inch D8000, which features an ultra-narrow bezel.
Its unique modular construction and ultrathin, round, edgeless struts allow for smooth delivery.
The truly flexible, mobile enterprise of tomorrow will be edgeless, spanning convergent networks to draw collaborative projects together from all over the world.