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Description: This recall involves STIHL edgers with model number FC 56 C, trimmer/brushcutters with model numbers FS 40 C, FS 50 C, FS 56 C and FS 56 RC, pole pruners with model number HT 56 C and KombiMotors with model number KM 56 RC.
They believe it could help improve overall yield, recovery, consistency, and speed, yet previous research shows that only 10 percent have advanced scanning and optimizing technology, such as optimized edgers (1).
With our edgers now, the boards now are being flipped manually, they are being optimized manually and being fed into the machine manually," says Melancon.
The fly in the ointment with this model for us was its poor performance as an edger.
ERH's annual fundraising BBQ dinner, and auction -- where 10 celebrity Edgers will rappel to get the action started.
According to Allen, a beginner's tool kit should include a classic rounded-tip shovel for digging holes for rose bushes and other plants, a flexible metal leaf rake (long for leaves on the lawn, short and narrow for cleaning out flower beds), a steel garden rake for spreading and leveling soil and moving around mulch, small gravel and stones for landscape projects, a basic trowel that's curved enough to hold soil, a hand edger to clean the gutter between the sidewalk and lawn, hand pruner (bypass type) for cutting roses and other plants, hedge shears and a galvanized metal watering can with a long, thin spout to water hanging plants.
Although many optimizing edgers still aim to maximize volume, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of board quality and value, and consequently the use of grade-optimizing edgers is becoming more widespread.
Under the new agreement, ARI will host EMPARTweb and provide an interface to Tanaka's website to allow their approximately 2,000 dealers, 15 master distributors and consumers to have on-demand access to Tanaka's parts and service catalogs for their extensive product line of grass and hedge trimmers, engines, power blowers, lawn edgers, chain saws, pumps, augers and portable drills.
Produced, written, directed and edited by the Emmy-winning team of Globe arts reporter Geoff Edgers, and Globe videographer Darren Durlach, the film profiles five runners captured in the widely-seen footage of the first bomb's explosion: Demi Clark, Howard Mayes, Volker Fischer, Mary Jenkins and Brian Donovan.
Miz Hot Tips spotted a fashion-forward garden tool kit in dark green with floral-trimmed handles on the trowel, hand rake, clippers and edgers that match the spiffy pink gardening gloves.
The release will include catalogs for ECHO's Chain Saws, QuikVent(R) Saws, Trimmers, Brushcutters, Pro Attachment Series(TM), Power Edgers, Power Blowers, Shred 'N' Vac(R), Hedge Clippers, Power Pruners(R), Tiller/Cultivators, Sprayers, Earth Augers, Cut-Off Saws, Engine Drills and Pumps.